Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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NOTE: I'm looking for somebody to confirm where the following enchanting recipes drop. They used to be easily gotten but with cata all of the mobs that dropped them are gone and wowhead doesn't know where to get them at now. I've read a lot but nobody seems to know for sure. The only one I'm kind of sure on is advanced herb from a rare spawn by stonard.

Enchant Gloves - Mining

Enchant Gloves - Advanced Herbalism

Enchant Gloves - Herbalism

Today's entry begins with a brief history lesson. If you were to google the title you will find many websites that are currently being worked on among other things. Lorem ipsum, or lipsum, is place holder text used by designers to give either a web page or a magazine ad the "appearance" of content without having to actually create any. It's a very useful tool to see how a web site would look if it was filled in with sales pitches, explanations, etc. Aside from that, Lipsum is a collection of broken Latin words and phrases from a book called "On the Boundaries of Goods and Evils" by Cicero who was a Roman writer and philosopher in 100 to 50 BC.

The most common phrase that pops up in this broken Latin is "lorem ipsum, quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci[ng] velit..." with the letters in brackets spelling out the proper Latin word. What this and the rest of the sentence, it roughly translates into is "Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can procure him some great pleasure." As Cicero did, let me give you a trivial example.

I love to drink alcohol, I enjoy both the feeling and the taste of it. But I'm not drinking it now and I do not drink more whiskey or saké than I do soda or coffee. I avoid the PLEASURE of alcohol to avoid the PAIN of a hang over or getting sick. I actively seek the PAIN of carrying 50+ pounds of computer equipment up two flights of stairs so that I can enjoy the PLEASURE of playing warcraft.

Make sense?

Of course by now I'm begging the question "what in the name of Christ and Kraft Macaroni does this have to do with making the wow gold?" The answer is one that I'll drill into your head yet; balance. Moderation. People ask me why I stick it out in a certain market when profits are crappy, campers are everywhere and the damned bots took our jobs. Obviously, working a market for a few copper is quite painful and I am actively seeking this pain. But I'm not after the pain of low profits, I do it to enjoy the pleasure of making thousands every few hours when it ends.

The real question that should be asked here is not why do this, but instead ask for how long should you do this? At what point does the pain of being over worked and under paid in a game in addition to RL with spiraling credit debt no longer become worth the fortune that may (or may not) await in the promised land? The answer can't truly be calculated or placed into a formula to give every reader here a one size wraps around most result. Your answer really boils down to how much you value your time.

On any given day, I value my time on game the same. If I can only be on for two hours in a day I'll just do a cancel/post of my enchanting and BS goods and do the daily heroic. My time is far more precious when there's less available. Even time itself is subject to the laws of supply and demand. The lower the supply of your time is, the greater value you should place on it which you base on how much your time is being "demanded" by a certain action. However when I have a full hour to play on the AH and then go about my business of making the business I value it much

I'll work all of my favorite markets, craft what needs crafting, stokpile another million widgets and then go on my way. What effects how I personally value my time is how active I am. I am one of those people that if you tied me to a chair and forced me to stare at the wall for an hour I'd manage a way to bite off my tongue so I wouldn't have to suffer such inhumane torture. This is why I stopped working glyphs because so much of the time it takes is sitting there hitting a post or cancel macro. And I just cannot stand that! With gems or scrolls it goes by very fast so it's not a large problem. It is at this point the pain that I am seeking, bordem, is no longer worth the pleasure, 5k gold per day, that I am hoping to receive.

The lesson to be learned today is not to leave a market just because it's a little painful today. And on the flip side, avoid the pleasure of making thousands in a new market so that you may in turn also avoid the pain of investing all of your gold and game time.

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  1. Glyphs can still be profitable without doing the cancel/post cycle. There are 3 phases to glyph making:
    * Gathering
    * Milling ink
    * Crafting glyphs
    * Posting

    I only do the crafting of glyphs, and where necessary milling of ink (though I try to avoid it).

    I have a guildy on during the day. I craft glyphs, send them to him for a base fee. We then split any profits above that fee.

    Whole and Retail

  2. "This is why I stopped working glyphs because so much of the time it takes is sitting there hitting a post or cancel macro. And I just cannot stand that! "

    Bind cancel / post macro to like shift + mouse wheel up and shift + mouse wheel down. Click Post and wait a few minutes while ZA, APM or TSM completes its post scan. Then hold shift and roll your finger up and down on the mouse wheel real fast. You'll see the post numbers fly. Then wait a few seconds for it to really finish posting. Its a little behind what the user interface says. I've done that for months and I really don't find the cancel/post process that painful anymore even with a hundred of glyphs. Honestly the scan is more annoying that the macro part now. That said even streamlining doesn't make the glyph market much less annoying because of constant undercuts, but if you want to see that stop in a hurry get blizzard to put a significant deposit on glyphs. Want to constantly repost glyphs... sure thats fine, but enjoy losing 3000g / hour.