Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Crew

Short-ish entry today just for fun today. A lot of gold bloggers out there like to make a post about who their toons are and what professions they have access to. Meanwhile the most I have said is I love my DK and when it comes to professions I just say "all of them." So today I'll give you all a quick once over of who I have running what.

The bankers

The orc, the myth, the legend himself. He was actually made to reference my original banker named "I look Gross" on my first server that I played on. He handles all of the gems, LW goods, and any random things I come across that need to be sold like world drop boe's. I spent a good 50k on assorted "worthless" vanity items when I hit my first gold cap. I did that just for the hell of it and to get a good laugh on being able to waste so much gold and not be effected by it in the least. The most expensive item were ruby shades at 10k or so which are no longer available in game.

This was formerly the banker that handled all of my orange colored rare gems and epic gems during wrath. They were originally created because leather and all of the other rare gems took up so much space that I'd have 200 mails for Stokpile and that would take far too much time to collect and post.

This cutsie belf rogue handles the glyph machine whenever it's up and running. I made them to level with a friend of mine who shortly after I made them stopped playing wow much. So rather than waste a character slot I turned them into my banker. Their entire bag and bank slots are filled with inscription bags and jam packed with glyphs at all times for the odd day I feel like selling glyphs.

The crafters

Formerly my main and originally known as Daemonym. He was my first toon back in 2.4 of TBC and has been main specced tank ever since. I got burnt out of tanking in late wrath and have since regulated him down to being just another crafter. I do the bulk of my purchasing on him to keep track of how much I've spent and craft all of my gems and LW goodies on him. Before all of that first he had enggy for the t6 goggles and enchanting. Then I changed from enchanting to JC once I hit 80 and later on dropped enggy for LW.

LW was an odd profession for a plate class for a while but I chose it because, at the time, there was no stamina enchant or otherwise viable tank enchant for bracers. So I dropped enggy from him and power leveled LW just to get a little more stamina and this was back when I had to do dailys and farm for hours to afford anything. He has all of my mounts and achievements on him and I've spent a great deal of money on upgrading his gear to top levels when I was actively tanking with him.

My beloved read headed DK frosty girl. She enjoys long walks in the frozen wastes of Northrend and throwing ice cubes at gnomes. Her favorite color is sage green. I always loved playing this toon since I first made them and they have been DW frost since wrath was released. I always loved DW classes but never felt like leveling a rogue or being that squishy. The DK gave me survival, DW, and another pair of open professions. They started as BS/Mining and once BS was maxed I dropped mining for enchanting for the ring enchants. Little did I know it would be my favorite market.

This toon also doubles as my ench/bs banker as shuffling around all of those mats can be an absolute nightmare. So I rarely have more than 4 bag spots open on them even with two ench bags and 26 spot bags. They're dual specced as a tank just so I can get an easy que for heroics. With this toon, just like my paladin when he was my main, I spare no expense when it comes to gear.

My warrior that I made just to play with my girl. Through all of wrath I hated this toon and just couldn't stand warrior dps or tanking compared to every other class out there. They were quickly regulated to crafting and only have had the professions of inscription and xmute spec alchemist. They do quite well with transmutes and are slowly getting their scribble skills up from making forged documents. Though they're great fun to dps as now, I don't think I'll be playing them much anyway.

I have recently made this the toon that handles all of my meta, yellow, blue, and common gems on the AH. The main reason for this is because I was having to make 2-3 trips to the mail box with Stokpile so this has cut down my AH time even considering loading times.

An old alchemist/herbalism DK that I created solely as an experiment in the flask market. They were elixir specced and if you've read this blog for long, you'll know that they didn't go anywhere with that. I have since deleted them to make room for other toons.

The frost mage-ing dead girl. I did the bulk of my purchasing on this toon during wrath since teleport is just so OP. But since the entire army of the horde tends to hang around in Org these days that's not really necessary anymore. They handle my tailoring and vendor pet businesses with some occasional skinning after TB ends. I set their hearth to the Storm spire in out lands so I have easy access to the rare item vendors there and can easily portal to Dalaran for more of those pets when it's needed.

The enhancement shammy I made to run with a friend of mine at the end of wrath. I loved leveling this toon and never had an easier time doing it. With heals, damage shields, totems, oodles of burst nothing stood in my way for long. They handle all of the smelting and engineering markets and do a good job of it. If I were to have a second main, this would be the one.

The disc priest from outerspace! This was the toon that I leveled and make all rich and purple from the ground up. It was my first side project and it was a blast! They started with enchanted boa gear and nothing else. This toon has no effect on my primary horde side markets as I just don't have the interest in cross faction trading. They started with inscription and herbalism since you have to farm in order to get some start up funding. I later dropped herbalism in favor of enchanting and farmed up all of the world drop enchant recipes that I could. In two months they were in full boe epics, epic gems, epic flying plus mount, top end enchants, and 50k in cold hard cash.

The simple blondie banker that handles the business end of the goat's business. She also looks astoundingly like my girl IRL.

And that's my entire team of bankers and assembly line workers, I hope you found it at least a little bit interesting. It's always nice to take a short stroll down memory lane I think. It also helps to remind you of where you started at and why you're doing all of this in the first place. Like I always say, you need to have a reason that's more than just gold.

Thanks for stopping by!

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