Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random thoughts #26

Once again I have a ton of random things to talk about that won't fill a whole page so here they are. All in their barely organized glory. Enjoy!

1. I once said that I cannot fathom somebody that truly loves farming. Oh how wrong was I. I read a hall of fame entry of the millionaire's club on warcraft econ about a guy that got there by ONLY farming. This is honestly quite frighting. In it they talk about farming for upwards of 8 hours a day every day. I would kill myself by hour 6. This is just, wow. That's all I can say...without being incredibly insulting that is. I'm sure you can imagine that I'd make up a few new words for this one. Here's a link to the article.

2. I'll be hitting 2 million in about a month and a half. The next logical goal after that would be to be gold capped in the almost literal sense. Have every one of my toons at the 1 million gold cap. In their own guild with the guild bank capped at 1 million as well. That equates to 24 million on a single realm. At a rate of 100k per week that means about 60 months. Fuck that shit! I honestly don't think there is an actual goal for me to have at all that's gold related. Thoughts?

3. I wrote a while ago about how the vendor value of blues that drop in heroics can be higher than the AH price of the shards quite often. Well cata has been out for a while and prices have dropped accordingly. On my server shards are anywhere from 15-20g each so the vendor value of basically any weapon is higher. The same goes for a few plate chest pieces, so make sure you check the tool tip before you hit DE. Remember a few gold here and there adds up quite fast.

4. I finally found where you can learn how to make glyph of colossal smash. It's boe sold from the scribe vendor in TH after you do the quest chain. It must be a semi recent change because I was there about a month ish ago to buy a jawbone or some such and didn't see it there. I even made it a point to check out what they sold just in case there was some potential for vendor goodies.

5. According to a blue quote from mmo-champion you can do the new heroics in 4.1 as much as you like. They'll be in their own section of the dungeon finder so even if you get saved to one you can re-que for a random "zandalari tribe" heroic indefinitely. My guess is that they'll end up settling at around 1000 gold on my server.

6. Is the end coming for wrath enchanting scrolls? Since you'll be able to run the new Zul heroics as much as you want crystals will be flooding into the market constantly making the top end enchants far more affordable to everyone. The incredibly high prices are what kept the wrath enchanting market afloat for the most part so with them being available for a good price how much longer will this one last? Personally I see the profits from wrath scrolls dropping off by a very significant amount.

Because of that I'm going to slow down my stokpile of these mats since the patch is due out soon. I'll mostly be buying what I need as I need it just in case the market completely crashes. I doubt that it will be completely destroyed, but it won't be such huge profits for sure.

7. Here's an idea for a high risk high profit flip. With people being nervous about maelstrom crystals and the ease of maxing out weekly valors some are taking to jumping ship early. Just the other day I saw a few people selling crystals for 1k each when they're normally 2-3k on AH. So it might be worth throwing a post into trade now and then that you're buying them for half-ish the going rate. Who knows, you might get some easy money.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Is one million the cap for guild banks as well?

  2. #5: Your guess for MC is settling at around 1000g ?
    Before or after the patch hits? ^^

    I predict Crystals to drop to the 100g-ish region pretty soon after the patch hits.

  3. I expect on my server they will fall considerably too. It is an enormous horde pop server, and there are AH barrons galore and tons of players with tons of alts to gear up. I would expect in our economy for the prices to initially drop, just on the patch alone, and being available at the vendor. All of the new instnace gear will not be getting vendored initially, but later it will and will remain a prefered route for daily valor grinders based on the chance of getting MCs. Also, there will be horders of the MCs, keeping them for themselves and associates. That will take away some market, but when its affordable, the market will stay strong for alts gearing up in the following weeks.

    As always its server population, economy, and "elitist" nature that will have big factors, and every server will be different.

    By elitist nature I refer to the population tendancy for a larger or smaller percentage of the population to feel they need xxx enchants for gear to be competitive. At one point wow-heros was the king and pug-checker was a cool tool that were better reference than just armory. Then the gearscore addon phase. Now, at least on my server, it is based on 2 things, the ingame ilvl and achievements... neither accounts for enchants or gem quality specifically. In any case I would fully expect volume of the sales to go up for a couple reasons. Availability of MCs, the amount of new gear coming out of the new dungeons for mains and alts, and the overall sense that raiding is still hard and the little bits will matter. As it gets more common it will be more expected too. The e-peen pressure will start to mount up as well. One limitation will be the ilvl requirement to get into the new dungeons, so gearing up to do that will keep heroics going. However ilvl for entry is not affected by your enchants.

    Prices will drop, but volume of sales will go up accordingly, 2-3 weeks to really see where its going to level out at is my prediction, and I agree w/ stok, prices will fall by about half. the initial rush and chaining by many to farm them will last for a couple weeks, then it will be old content, and prices will go back up. Lots to consider and its not easy to predict where prices will end up. The ilvl to enter the dungeons alone is a market influence, for a casual, its a fairly high bar to hit.

  4. As for question 2. After I hit 1 million in the previous expansion, the only thing that motivated me was the "new kids on the block" which thought they could take over "the world".
    The lack of anything worthwhile to do in the game made me quick later though.
    Miss the awesome guild a bit, it was really nice with IRL meeting etc :o

  5. @ Dan
    Yes 1 million is the cap for banks as well.

    @ Sarge
    I'm expecting them to drop to 1k when word spreads that they can be done as much as you want, and a bit more once they settle down. Like an Anon said under you it's very hard to determine exactly where your server will fall.