Sunday, May 22, 2011

A brave new world

And thus ends the great WoW empire of Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny. I have said just about everything that I have to say on the world of warcraft auction house and using it to make tons of gold quickly and easily so it's time to move on. As I mentioned last week I am moving over to Rift and am trying my hand at that game. Today's entry is to give all you a heads up for things to come with the blog.

First, the blog is going to be inactive for about a week or two while I figure some things out with the game. I'm level 50 right now which is the level cap, totally broke, and am getting my feet wet with some of the max level content in the game. I won't be raiding for a while as that needs some significant gear upgrades from the greens I'm in. Tomorrow I'll be posting an index of what I feel are the most important entries that I've made over the lifespan of my wow AH career as it were.

Soon I'll be writing up a beginner's guide to Rift so that anybody that is considering trying it out won't walk into it as a total newbie and can help others decide if it's even worth trying out. In addition to that, it will give any continuing readers a much better grasp of things that I'm talking about in my future writing on the game. I built an empire in wow and plan to do the same in this game eventually. But of course, such things take time and that means you'll get day to day updates on the things that I'm seeing and a bit of an intellectual head start should you move over to Rift as well.

I'll be writing about making the Rift moneys as well as anything that I find interesting about the end game content once I get up to it. I never really wrote much about wow end game because just about everyone who was reading already was having fun with it so there wasn't much of a point. But now with a brand new game, there's basically nothing at all out there.

As for me returning to wow again, I don't think it's very likely. I mean come on, I have 2 million gold and was the top DK dps on my server. I know my class inside and out and have no reason to log on when it isn't raid night. That doesn't really warrant a subscription fee if you ask me. Go do quests? No thanks, they're all the same with little to no story in them. Each one is a different rendition of "the shit is on fire" show. Pvp? I stopped playing during wrath because I was sick of guild hopping and am NOT going to do the same thing with arena teams. Achievements? I'm a goblin. I'm a very pragmatic person. Take that and guess how interested I am in killing 500,000 digital squirrels.

At the end of he day I'll still be writing regularly on the same topic as always, but with a different flavor topping. Once I get a bit more figured out and shed my newbie skin I'll give a full write up on the game, a few classes that I'm familiar with, the whole crafting and auctioning thing, and the obligatory how to make mega muneh! The idea behind writing about the game in depth before I get into the AH part of it all is two fold.

One is so that you, my dear readers, will be able to understand wtf I'm going on about and get a grasp of some new in game lingo. And the second is so that I have some time to actually figure things out for myself. The Stokpile Method doesn't work well if you have to count your pennies and go for broke when you buy a mount. So stay tuned, more quality and original content is coming soon! I'll be posting regularly again in two weeks time with a crash course in Rift game play being posted next week.

See ya then.

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  1. Sad to see you go, but glad to see your still going to be posting. Of all the gold blogs, yours was the only one that actually came close to how I feel about the AH game and the players involved.

    I played rift as well to 50, was actually server 6th on my champion. After seeing that I could keybind all of my abilities to 4 buttons and global all classes except a cleric/tank I immediately gave up on the game.

    Very interested to see how the crafting goes for you in Rift. The crafting mechanics seemed to be a mix between Aion (if you ever played it) and Wow (specifically leatherworking).

    Anyhow, best of luck to you, and I will continue to check back daily.