Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How I shuffle: Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday where I spoke on all of the useful things that can still be had from the shuffle. Today I'll talk about my stokpiling and balancing methods on gems and enchanting mats. It may sound simple, but when you work all gems, metas, and scrolls full scale it is infinitely easier said than done. This balancing act is critical to being on top of all three markets and not having to worry about running out of materials at the same time.

Here's what I'm doing with all of the gems that I get in better terms than just DE crap and cut rares.

Rare orange, red, and purple: Stokpile 9 stacks of each and cut the rest to AH.

Rare blue, yellow, and green: Since I have such a massive amount of these right now, I just vendor them. At over 400 of each raw hanging around I don't foresee needing more until I hit level 86.

Common blue: keep 6 stacks in the bank. I use two stacks for the daily, 3 stacks for future meta gem xmutes, and another stack to sell for the daily. All others that are in excess of 6 stacks I merely vendor.

Common green and purple: Same as blues, but any extras that I prospect get turned into JC gear to DE and AH the rare procs.

Common yellow: 3 stacks in storage for meta gems at all times and extras are turned into JC gear if I need more dust.

Common orange: This is where things start to get tricky. I try to keep a stokpile of 7 stacks of ember topaz in the bank and 2 full stacks on my crafter. If I ever go below that amount by a significant amount, about 3-4 stacks or so, then I send off ALL of these gems to my alchemist to xmute into more orange rares. They sell at a rate of around 15-20 mixed cuts per day, so I really need to keep on top of it.

The problem that comes up is when I'm short on meta gems and rares at the same time which is when I need to do the AH juggling act and guesstimate what is going to have higher rates of sales tomorrow instead of lumping it all into one giant stokpile as usual. But when I'm well stoked up on both metas and rare oranges, I stuff all of these into the bank because I know for sure I'll need them come next week.

Common reds: Now here is the really hard part of the shuffle. A carnelian can be turned into a meta, a high profit and high rate of sale rare gem, or a very in demand enchanting material. As you saw above, GCE's are my top priority in terms of what I want to get out of the shuffle. With all of the cata scrolls that I move every day my normal stokpile of 500 just isn't enough, let alone easy to reach or maintain. But if I have at least 200 in my bank I'll count that as good enough to consider the rest of the list. Because as important as it is to keep working enchanting, supplying two markets is more important than just one.

I try to keep 9 stacks of rare reds and I am -very- diligent about this because I can sell over two full stacks worth of cut reds in a single day. If that stays consistent for a few days in a row, which it has many times, then this stokpile will vanish into thin air rather fast. And being out of mats is never a good thing even when it makes you rich. I basically try to keep a bare minimum stokpile of everything that common reds go into. 200 GCE, 60 inferno, and 80 metas. If I'm under any of those, that's where every last gem will be pumped into until I reach that plateau. If I'm low on all three of them I refer to the list I mentioned above and only go up to the bare minimum instead of the full happy and cozy stokpiled amounts.

First I'll go up to 200 essences then 60 infernos and finally 80 metas. However if I'm seeing a higher rate of sales than usual on rare reds then that means that either my campers and/or competitors are on break and are leaving the market to me. In which case I'll see double the rates and thus need double the materials. This is where it is paramount to watch your markets very carefully. You don't want to miss out on having free reign on red gems because you turned them all into metas that are now being camped. You got to be careful out there.

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  1. Thank you very much Stok for getting this up, I have been working to break into the JC market and keep my share for a long time, and the biggest struggle has always been keeping a healthy and balanced supply of gems. Often times I run out of meta gems because I transmuted or Spiked all my carnelians, while being left with tons of green and yellow gems. hopefully with your advice I can get this straightened out moving forward :D

  2. Thank you very much for this post. It's been extremely helpful to me.