Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Report: 5-10

Yes it's that time again. Today's the day of resets, updates, and weekly collections. Here's my weekly report of what I've been selling and in what markets. I also give a few notes on them with up to date market observations in addition to the weekly profit from everything combined. As always, numbers and bottom lines come first.

No screens this week. Apparently, blizz has once again "detected a change in my log in process" and has disabled my account until I reset my password. Thank god I never have problems when I have to reset it...o wait.

The upcoming craftable recipes for 4.2 are up on mmo champ. The short version is stokpile a billion volatile fire and water. Also load up on pristine hides and, if you're going to craft some yourself at some point, chaos orbs as well. Each recipe minus cloth takes 3 each while the tailors need 8ish dreamcloth per.

Detailed Recap:
Another week, another round of amazing profits. And also the guild is now 9/12 in 25m with chogall at 27% after our 6th attempt. I was spot on with my prediction of heavenly shards going up in price, they've more than tripled so far with an average price of 40g or so. More of them are getting used in enchants and more people are pounding away at the new heroics that only give crystals. This puts a damper in my market because shards aren't easily gotten from the shuffle which is my primary source of enchanting mats. As such I've adjusted my buying and selling prices accordingly. Damn good thing I stokpiled a few hundred of them pre patch that's for sure.

I'm really looking forward to the next arena season, I'm curious where and how the new pvp gear recipes will be obtained from. Most people thing they'll be sold by the vendors in the TH for material exchanges. Either way, I'm going to be the first to grab them and start selling them off for a killing. With the awesome luck I'm having now with the current crafted gear, the new and improved versions should have new and improved sales to match.

I sold yet another motorcycle this week for over 16k gold, this market just too easy.

There's been some pretty hot items this week that have been selling far more than usual. Buckles have gone up so far that I've gone through 5 full stacks of the things this week. The same goes for mending and heartsong scrolls, they've been selling like crazy. And rounding that off is enchant scrolls of executioner, as in the recipe that used to drop in the old level 70 ZA raid instance. It obviously has very little use these days, but has been making me a few hundred gold every day.

Early in the week I took to resetting the price on red stat gems. I bought up anything that was 100g and below while my threshold is in the 80g range. I wound up with between 20 and 30 of int, strength, and agility cut gems after buying them all out. And before the week was over they had all sold for 150g and up. Now that's a nice amount of profit right there. The biggest advantage that being rich in this game gives you is the ability to take large risks on investments like this on a whim. It sure is exciting and very gratifying when it pays off.

I've had to change my buying price and thresholds for any enchants using heavenly shards. I'm now paying as high as 45g for each of them since the supply is basically gone. Everybody is running the new heroics and there just isn't any way to get them cheaply. I may look into craftable items to DE into full shards, but I doubt there's any cost effective options for this. http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Closing note on a random enchant scroll. It's a BC enchant for major intellect and for some reason it has been selling CONSTANTLY all week. It's a drop from a random mob in the nethertorm that takes about 6 minutes to farm and is BoP. I'm not sure why it's been so hot lately, but it sells one a day for a few hundred gold profit. If you've got an enchanter, give this one a shot and see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Stokpile, I recently stumbled across your blog and tbh I've found it absolutely awesome. You're the only one who doesn't seem to treat blogging about making WoW gold like a business but an actual activity for fun, which is hugely refreshing, and fundementally the reason we all 'should' be playing games for - fun & entertainment :)

    Now that the obligatory brown-nosing is over with :P I have a question or 2 for you...

    I'm currently leveling up to 85 on my character and have Enchanting and JC both at 425 right now, ready to zerg the last 100 points in each once I finish leveling. I have maybe 500 actual gold as I'm abit of a spender. These markets have fairly high competition currently though on my server. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to enter a market that is already being utilized without negatively impacting both myself and the economy.

    I managed back in Wrath with the old Engineering ammo on another realm where there were several competitors already in the market, but a week later I had the monopoly on the market. 3 months later this was still the case and I was also chasing out new competition ruthlessly, netting around 5k a week I was happy. I've tried getting my feet wet in markets though on my new server but nothing is giving me a great deal of luck, hence one reason I rerolled Ench + JC - the other being for optimal character enhancements.

    So yeah, for I'm thinking of grabbing all the red & bluegem recipes and selling those + scrolls via Obsidum/Elementium shuffling, and waiting to see if 4.3 brings epic gems to the game again (seeing as nothing has yet been datamined from the 4.2 tests, but that may change ofc). As and when I can I will grab other recipes for gems and craft those too. I may level Alchemy on my Shaman when he's going to be leveled after this Warrior to make use of transmutes for metas and such, but until then I won't have access to it.

    What do you think? Do you have any other advice or tips?

    Many thanks in advance, and keep up the hugely appriciated work :)

  2. @ Nath, Your plans for JC/Enchanting are pretty spot on. Red gems are the biggest sellers and usually the most expensive too. Though instead of blue gems, I'd focus on orange ones. Check http://www.wowpopular.com/ for a list of the most popular gems (aka, the ones that'll probably sell the best) and compare the popularity to the prices on your AH for what recipes to focus on. Also, check out http://consortium.stormspire.net/ It's a forum of gold makers that will be happy to answer any and all questions you have.

    @ Stok. From what I've gathered from Kaliope's blog, the recipes for the new crafted PvP gear simply replace the ones we already have. Essentially, our recipes are upgraded! No change in mats either. And if that's not awesome enough, gear crafted before 4.2 won't similarly upgrade. So we'll have plenty of new customers.