Friday, May 27, 2011

Friendly reminder

Aloha all, I just wanted to check in and remind you that I'm going to be back to writing fairly soon. Bear in mind that I have a lot of stuff already written (over two weeks worth!) so it may seem a tad out of order as I was writing it as I leveled up and have since hit 50. Now that you've read my two entries on rift starter guides (you have read them haven't you?) you should be up to speed on everything you need to know so that you can understand what I'm saying when I talk specifics.

I'll be writing about making gold yes, but in Rift this time. All of the theory I mention then you can easily apply to any game with an AH and an established crafting system in place. The what and where is always important, but is trumped by the WHY every single time if you want to go far.

I'll be starting up again officially this coming Monday so be sure to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Where are these Rift starter guides? Don't plan on switching to Rift, but I enjoy reading you so...hell...why not? I'm sure I'll learn something.

  2. @ Thomas
    Rumor has it that they're coming soon!