Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coming soon!

Out of all the different professions and niche markets out there, there is one that has remained completely untouched by Stokpile: alchemy. Sure I transmute a bunch of stuff every day, but that's as far as it has ever gone. Hell I don't think that even counts as alchemy because it's really mining and JC that are making the money from that, not alchemy. But I decided that since I have a toon with an open profession spot that I'd finally take a jump into another market and see how I do. So that means coming soon is a proper how to alchemy post. But in the mean time, I'll be giving you the play by play on how I'm going about entering a new market.

It will be complete with research notes, material prices, product pricing guides, and more. Throughout this week I'll be making posts on what part of "doing your homework" I'm at and things I come up with. However it won't be something as simple (and pointless) as the price of X is Y so I'll sell for Z. No I'll be giving an actual analysis as best as I can to give you a glimpse into my mind so you can better understand the thought process behind it. Since I've mentioned sporadically here and there of different things you need to do when considering entering a new market, I feel it's important to go much more in depth with it.

Entering a new market is a rather large risk, especially if you do what I'll be doing and rolling an entire profession for it. There is so much that goes into this with the material gathering, start up costs, market research, post times, etc. that randomly mentioned tips and thoughts really doesn't cut it. Take these up coming posts on this subject as a sort of loose guide for any other markets you're considering getting into. Just replace the materials I mention with those of your target market, do some math, a bit of similar research, and you'll have a solid idea of where to go.

First the obvious question: wtf am I going to do with alchemy? At the beginning, I'll be starting out small with just the essential flasks for AP, HP, and SP. Eventually I'll be branching out into elixirs and possibly potions all depending on how the flask market treats me. All in all I'm quite excited to get into a new market. Especially since there's a lot of very established people in the flask business.

I would always see a page or two of the same people selling the same thing and buying lotus in /2 for the same price that I would be trying to buy them at. I used to buy lotus because the guild I was in at the time allowed a donation of 2 lotus for a small amount of DKP (which they used to provide all raiders with enough flasks for an entire night every night).

With all that being said, this week should have a good amount of very useful information and thoughts for all the AH players out there.

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  1. I'm looking forward to this. I have a DK slated for alchemy and inscription (JC and Ench on main).

  2. Can't wait to read this. I also just started Alchemy, but herb prices on my server makes it hard to make a good profit. If your lucky you can make 5g profit.