Sunday, April 4, 2010

More random thoughts

I did a post a while ago about a bunch of assorted things I had on my mind about the AH game that wouldn't fill an entire post (of my usual size at least). And as time passes cob webs tend to clutter up so today is another post of assorted nuggets of wisdom with no particular order or formatting.

~ First I want to thank The Gnome of Zurich for his comment on Cost effective 1 where they corrected me on the potential bonus of xmute mastery. I originally said that spec didn't matter, but they pointed out that it indeed can. Go and read their comment since with large differences in price it could matter a good deal. But if you're not xmute spec or have terribad luck like me (I've proced an extra gem twice in the two months I've been making them daily) you don't have to be concerned.

~ It finally hit me why spell threads have been selling so well lately. In fact I'm a bit embarrassed I didn't see it sooner as I would have made a ton more profit if I had. Can you guess why? It's not the 3.3.3 patch. Here's a hint: more uber OP easily gotten purples. No luck? The answer is the fact that the new VoA boss only drops legs/glove tier sets and the ICC crafted legs. This just dawned on me a few days ago and as soon as it hit me I went and bought a ton of arctic furs, orbs, and assorted LW mats to craft dps/tank/pvp leg armors. The only prices I checked were heavy leather and furs since I was so excited. Sure enough, within the hour after raid time I had sold 7 different leg armors for a cool 100g profit a piece! Look into it!

~ As an expansion nears it's end, people start to level alts to pass the time since they've either cleared all the content or have gotten as far as their "helpful friendly ppl" will let them leech. That means that max level goods such as saronite, NR enchanting mats, etc. will become less available and have a lower demand (read: prices drop). To counter balance this the demand, and therefore price, of old world goods and related enchants will go up. On the same token such materials will also have an increase in supply since even a moron knows to take a gathering profession while leveling alt number 9.

~ I've all but stopped using the addon Lil' sparky's workshop. This isn't because of any flaw with the addon, but that of another: auctioneer. I've been having to clear my auctioneer info every three days because as soon as I'd open the AH or mouse over an item my game would lock up for as long as 30 seconds. Can't have that. So if you're having the same problem with severe auction lag here's what I do to clear it up (courtesy of the JMTC forums).

First mouse over any item at all to get the tooltip to pop up. Make sure you don't have the AH window open and then type the following command:
/run AucScanData.scans=nil

After you do that just reload your UI with either your handy dandy macro you should have by now or just type:
/console reloadui

~ Selling cut bloodstones is still a great niche market. I get up to 12g for a plain cut or 15g for a perfect one. I tend to sell off about a stack of bloodstone cuts every other day which pays for all my repairs (if I was seriously raiding still) and covers all of my parchment needs with a small profit afterward. Very easy to get into and also takes nearly zero effort. If you have a JC and haven't tried this just yet please do so.

~ One thing that I still haven't found a work around for with the AH game is having a trade skill window open at the same time as the AH window. There's clearly enough room on the screen for it, but the WoW interface won't have it. This would be amazing because I could be crafting a million inks or heavy leathers while I'm busy posting or buying more stuff. It would reduce the afk time needed since I could combine it with my normal time spent buying. So if you know of an addon or something that will help get around this, by all means post and I'll give you a shiny new gumball!

~ I wonder how in gods name people found my blog since I advertised it only once on maintankadin and rarely post comments on other blogs.

~ When you open your inscription skill window, scroll down to the glyph of cleave in the warrior section. Notice something different? It's the only glyph that has what it does written above the materials. Where as the rest of the glyphs only show the material cost in the window and you have to mouse over the glyph to see what it does. Damned weird...

~ I haven't put much thought into the market post cataclysm release mostly because I won't be around of course. However the obvious suggestions are obvious. Stock up on low level stuff from trade goods to bags and especially wool cloth. Wool is the most expensive section of first aid and -everyone- levels first aid. Wool also happens to be a pain in the ass to farm yourself currently, though this may change with the expansion. Other than that just start making huge investments once the release date gets closer as the prices will continue to go down and supply will slowly rise as people are leveling many alts by now.

~ A fun item to flip is a small stack of 4 Golden Draenite. These are needed for tailors to make their non epic flying carpet. You can easily pick some up off the AH for a fist full of silver only to see somebody posting in trade buying them for 20g each. People really want that slow ass rug...but hey who are we to judge? We're all businessmen here after all.

~ If you don't have an engineer, find one that can make the lil smokey and pet bomblings and sell a few, here's the materials needed broken down nice and neat for you all. Well as neat as this blog will allow me to present it that is. Items that need other items to be crafted for reagents are grouped in different color text to try and make it a bit easier to understand.

Pet bombling!

1 heart of fire

* 1 big iron bomb
3 iron bar

3 heavy blasting powder
3 heavy stone

** 1 silver contact
1 silver bar

6x mithril bar
*** 1 fused wiring
2 essence of fire

**** 3 delicate copper wiring
6 copper bar (2 bars per wiring)

* Each craft of this creates two bombs instead of one.
** Each craft of this item produces 5 instead of one.
*** Each craft of this item produces 5 instead of one.
**** This is created by any level 1 jewel crafter, do NOT pay 20g for it.


Lil' Smokey! (this one happens to sell far more often for me)

1 truesilver bar

2 mithril bar

1 core of earth

1 fused wiring (see above)

2 Gyrochronatom
1 iron bar
* 1 golden power core
1 gold bar

* Each craft of this item creates 3 instead of one.

Ok I think that's all I had swirling around in the twisting nether of a mind I have. I hope you got something useful out of these ramblings and take a bit of the ideas here to make yourself some extra coin.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Strange i can have my craft window open with the AH just have to remeber to open the tradeskill BEFORE the AH

  2. @ Ilmig

    What addons are you using that relate to the TSW or the AH window? Because my TSW auto closes when I open the AH and vice versa.

  3. If you use auctioneer, you can open the configure menu, choose AHwindowcontrol, and then choose Always under Protect AH Window. This will keep the ah window up even if you open up a tradeskill window.

  4. thats strange. i just logged onto a char with no addons loaded and it worked fine. only time i couldn't get it to work was when i raised my UI scale to high.

  5. @ Anon
    You my friend have just won +5 to awesome, thank you so very much!