Monday, April 26, 2010

Report 4-27

NOTE: I have started up a new project which I'll be covering every Saturday starting this week. It looks like it will be very challenging and a lot of fun, so start checking in on the weekends and see what's going on.

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. Massive wall of text coming in, it's been a long interesting week. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 70,000

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 27,000

Smithing and enchanting: 54,000

Flasks: 12,000

Glyphs: 9,000

Total weekly sales: 172,000
Total gold: 883,000
Weekly profit: 23,000

Well I hit gold cap number 4 this week, so my goal is closing in rapidly as is my time here. One more to go! Like how flasks are now a part of my weekly report? Always good to see something new especially when it's gold. Something of note is the incredibly low profits. Now that's something different that I don't like to see. But at least I managed a profit still. Read on!

Detailed Recap
Lots of fun cool stuff going on this week! Zomgz so excited! As far as buying and stokpiling goes, this has been a week for the record books! Holy crap man, the supply has been insane and the sales can barely keep up! Here's a quick look at what I've bought so far. I don't normally list what I've bought but the sheer amount of it is just so astounding I can't resist. Normally my MO is to have a massive stokpile and then once I have it built up I'll just maintain it. Heh not this week and likely not for another few weeks!

100x cardinal ruby, dreadstone, ametrine
60x king's amber, majestic zircon
800x titanium bar
600x heavy borean
400x abyss crystal
300x greater cosmic
300x frost lotus (feels so strange being excited about this)
500x eternal fire
1,000x netherweave cloth
80x scarlet ruby
50x crusader orb
20x mongoose enchanted scrolls
1,000x infinite dust
350x adamantite bar
200x large brilliant shards
40x dragon eye

Granted my profit this week hasn't been my normal 40k average, but who can say no to 5 stacks of epic gems at 120g each? Not me that's for sure. It's been a very long time since there's been a supply flood in so many markets that I'm a tad overwhelmed and a tad leery if it's a sign of an impending crash. In any case I'll be continuing on with my normal operation.

First a few small things that I've been up to. I ran a pug ToC 25 on my mage and DK this week and my DK got as far as an epic wipe fest on...Jaraxxus. My mage however actually killed Anub! In a pug raid! Astounding isn't it? In any case, with those two raids I made out like a bandit. I picked up the patterns for Merlin's robe, the Breastplate of the White knight along with 4 crusader orbs to get my crafting a nice lil boost. I could have sold the patterns for 2k each EASILY as they're never below 3800 on the AH.

But always planning ahead like a good AH player, I saw opportunity instead of dollar (gold) signs. Later on over weekend I ran another on my pally. Failed horribly on Anub but still managed to get a beastly looking axe along with the pattern for the hunter/enhance dps bracers. I had to make a handful of i200 epics to get the last 5 skill-up's to max out LW and have yet to sell the bracers. I sure hope I sell at least one so I got more than a handful of abyss crystals out of the deal.

I corralled the required materials across several different toons to get each of them made, with yet another razorplate that sold, and threw the white knight BP and Merlin's up on auction. And guess what happened. If you guessed that they sold within a day for a hefty profit you'd be right, but that's not what I was talking about dammit! I have a new competitor in town. And of course they're another damned camper, I wouldn't have ever noticed them if they weren't. They are camping my spell threads, leg armors, toc gear, and basically anything purple outside of gems. Camping epic gear which is now posted for a potential 200g profit BEFORE the 150ish AH cut. Ouch! Who has that kind of time?

I managed to sell my first pair rather quickly but they immediately noticed my tags on the gear and started camping that market in addition to leg enchants. So as of this writing if you're on my server, don't even bother with the patterns I mentioned. It's a fools errand trying to profit while two goblins are fighting it out. Especially when one is a fierce little bastard that's bordering on a million.

/war faic!

So as you can imagine, I'm also buying up every cheap crusader orb I find (170 and below) in addition to my normal frozen orb purchases. With there never being more than 12 decently priced orbs on the AH at a time the materials for the gear is very difficult to come by and definitely cannot be farmed. And before you even CONSIDER mentioning chain heroics, keep in mind you'll have to spend a couple hours to win enough frozens to trade for a crusader (even if you're an instant tank que). That means almost an entire 24 hour period to get the 48 orbs you need to craft a singular ToC chest piece. So if your first thought was to run heroics for frozen into crusader trades... you're a mouth breathing halfwit.

Last bit on that subject is that I'm still hunting for the BS tank/melee dps bracer patterns. I also won't be looking into the caster dps bracers as the gems are worth far more cut though with the massive supply I've come into, I'll consider it if the price is right.

I also bought the pattern for Enchant weapon - Healing power, cost me 1600g. It's an old world raid drop (AQ 40 I think) for +29 spell power. The materials needed are far cheaper than 30sp since it doesn't need the 100g a pop Golden Pearls so I think it could definitely sell. Since it'll sell to people who are willing to spend a lot, but know an absurd (550g) price when they see one. So I'll be capping the price at 400g with a min sale price of 140 giving at worst a 20g profit. So far I've sold two and don't have the mats for more. Good decision on my end so far.

The only annoyance is that essence of water is impossible to find. I expect that also not many people know of the enchant and just think more is more then go for the massive +1sp increase for another few hundred gold. Not like I mind because as you know... if the cash is there we do not care! First person to catch that movie reference gets a cookie. As for the people that do know about the enchant, they most likely have compared the mats and while gathering or looking at scrolls see that it's far cheaper then buy the +29 SP enchant. Granted I'm selling both, but why let somebody else sell the 29 SP enchant when it could be me!

Lastly on enchanting I managed to get a nice supply of abyss crystals, picked up a pair of stacks for only 400g! I took those and replenished my stack of +10stats scrolls and a pair of blood drain and blade ward scrolls. I swear the uld enchants are an absolute gold mine. I've sold both of the BW enchants for almost 600g each and the blood drain scroll for 400g. That was a mere two days after I made them no less! So if you have easy access to those... DO EET! Cosmics however are in a drastic shortage, I have 10 left and the cheapest on AH is once again in the 30g range. So I'm only using them for weapon enchants and +23haste to cape. Normally under these circumstances it's best to just sell the raw materials, but I know that my competitors are low/out of stock as well. That means that I can sell the scrolls for a premium with only occasional others posting.

Leather working is still holding on for dear life. I'm managing to pick up just barely enough leather to stay with a full supply on the AH of bags, armor kits, and heavy borean. I think that I'm just not catching the UF in time as I know the three different names (or people) that post and I only catch them with a page or less worth of stacks for sale. Maybe I just had wicked awesome timing the last few weeks catching them with a few hundred stacks up for my price.

Smithing has taken a nose dive as buckles are now a gold over material cost which are being posted by (que ominous drums) the UF who runs the flask game which I am fervently invading like a horde of drunken blood thirsty barbarians. So it's only natural that they'll try and screw up one of my markets. And I hope they continue to do so believe it or not. You can't mine a node and pick a flower at the same time. When you spread yourself too thin, which is what farming for two markets does immediately, you become extremely vulnerable to being bought out.

Especially when somebody (me) can afford to buy everything at once and immediately flip it for a profit that same night. Aside from all that nonsense there's been a huge shortage of TBC ores and bars so my huge stockpile of associated enchanting rods are selling like hot cakes for 85 gold a crack. Props to stokpiling.

Epic gems are still being camped a ton and there's been a massive flood of raw gems. I picked up FOUR full stacks of red, blue, orange, and purple epics and a fist full of yellows. With a new raid coming in fairly soon I'm well prepared for another large gear rush. And since I managed to pick up these gems for anywhere from 10 to 40 gold under the lowest average price I lowered my thresholds on them all by another 10g to further ensure my friendly campers make as little profit as possible. That new raid that blizz said was coming better get released soon.

I feel moderately uncomfortable spending 10k plus on raw epic gems and not being able to move a bunch, especially with small margins. Still waiting on that one last push for JC with the release of tons of new gear. As the week went on the prices of cut gems obviously dropped considerably so my profits became razor thin at the end of the week due to my overly aggressive AH play style. Not regretting it, but still a bit annoying.

Rare gems are still on their own roller coaster ride from a page of gems at material cost (which I bought) to there being none except for mine. The same goes for metas, the supply of eternal fires was great at the start of the week but the prices went way up later on in the week to 50g. Likely because WG hasn't been horde turf during prime time this weekend for the farmers to get to work for me.

Tailoring is still more of the same (but now I'm the only seller of nether bags so go me), glyphs are still 1k per day, and flasks will be covered tomorrow in another alchemy centric post.

I think that just about covers it all as far as professions and fun stuff goes.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm very curious as to your theory on stockpiling such vast amounts of raw materials. Aren't you afraid that you won't be able to move them all before the inevitable price crash at the end of the expansion? I understand that you make tons of profit from the cycles in the market by stockpiling, but how do you avoid getting stuck with a suddenly worthless pile of materials that you invested thousands of gold in?

  2. @ Lyps
    Of course I worry about things going bad, but you always have to take a risk. The amount I've made from stokpiling and the gold I haven't missed out on making in the past far out weighs a loss I could take by far. Besides every single market won't crash all at the same time and you always get a warning before prices are totally trashed for good. We just got our warning with epic gems.