Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post apocalyptic 3.3.3 neo Azeroth

This can sort of act as an extension of my posts on being cost effective. But more importantly will answer a very pertinent question: what to do with your frozen orbs? What's the market like after the patch? Now that it's been a little while since the orb vendor came to town it's given a bunch of things time to settle down. So here's my take on the aftermath and how it has effected my server and business.

This is now a very profitable market. When the patch came these were at or below material cost, but eternal fires were still also very high. You may even remember me posting about flipping them for up to 50g. But now they are down to 15g a piece, who'd of thought they'd drop THAT low. We all knew their price would drop a noticable amount but damn, over 50%? Because of this, crafting a titansteel bar and selling it for even only 80g will still get you a nice 20g profit or there abouts.

Currently they are sitting pretty at 100-120g each. I'm actually pumping a lot of saronite into these, and I do mean a lot since it takes 24 STACKS of saronite bars to make a stack of titansteel without any procs. But for a potential 60g profit I can't resist.

Glacial bags:
Cheapest one on AH right now is 545g (mine) which is quite a profit margin of about 300g. I' crafted my one for the week and we'll see if it sells by the time the CD is up. I have no idea how well, if at all, these are selling.

Specialty cloth:
Short version is if your tailor isn't specced to make extra of a certain type of cloth... don't even bother. ALL of the cloth is going for about 80% of the material cost. That means if you only make 1 spellweave with your fires, you're losing money. But if you are spellfire spec and make two spellweave per craft then you're making some good money. I highly recommend finding a specced tailor to make you a handful of these, the best sellers are ebonweave (eternal shadow) and spellweave (eternal fire).

Crusader orbs:
These things actually haven't settled down. They seem to hover around 140g or so then drop to 90g the next day with a dozen or so on AH. This means there's some nice wiggle room for flipping. Especially if you sell them in stacks of 8 or 4, since that's the exact number the craftables require. I've since sold 3 titanium razorplate and am still entertaining the idea of buying other patterns. Since they get upwards of 1500g profit it's worth looking into.

Frozen orbs:
The big question on everybody's mind these days... what to do with my 9001 orbs I bought? The answer is simple: use them for crafted epics or sell them off for a profit. At the moment, turning 8 frozen into 1 crusader is a loss of up to 60g or just breaking even, the same with runed. You can sell the orbs for 25-35g and the most expensive eternal is life at 22g and frost lotus at a pathetic 15g. That leaves you with only the options I just mentioned, use them or sell them off. I'm using them myself for leg armors and spell thread and scribe offhands. But when I come into a large stock of them I'll just flip them immediately.

With the change of reducing all glyphs into a single ink per, a lot more glyphs suddenly became worthwhile. There are far far too many for me to filter through and list, so I'll just leave it at that. What you should do is look through your trade skill window a bit more carefully next time you make a pass to fully restock your glyphs. Remember thinking that priest - flash heal is a popular glyph but didn't make any since it needs two inks? Well it still sells well and is up from 1g profit to 8g. Check it out.

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  2. @ Anon
    I wouldn't recommend dropping enchanting only to re level it on another toon, that would be a large waste of money imo. Alsmot all enchant mats you can buy for a good price so save your time. Starting up enchanting with QA3 is a pain but very much worth it, good luck when you try to work into it!

    @ Charlie
    I have 5 80's, a single guild bank, only use frostweave bags and portable holes, and most of my toons are there just for crafting or banking. The only ones I play much are my mage and DK lately, though I used to paly each of them a lot at some point. I also don't use profession bags as I'd never fill them up besides enchanting.