Sunday, April 11, 2010

Head games

Small update first. I sold my first glacial bag for 370g after 3 days of relisting for 370g. That's a small 40g profit since I'm not specced for bonus ebonweave or moonshroud cloth. If you are moonshroud specced (or get eternal shadows for really cheap) I'd recommend making one, but otherwise I don't feel it's worth it. The eternal life is better used for spellthreads, the shadows go into titansteel or buckles, and even if you're specced for ebonweave it really isn't saving you that much.

However if you're at a point where you can afford a 2,000g investment I definitely recommend making a titansteel razorpalte to sell. I've sold several for a few hundred to a thousand gold profit so far. As to the other ToC recipes I can't comment but imagine that the tanking bracers would do quite well.

Today we'll be talking about the aspect of the AH game that's not about gold, but the mentality behind posting and how/why you do it.

First thing you can do to mess with your competition a bit is to reduce your threshold price by 1 gold and 1 copper. This works especially well if you're being camped. When a camper sets their sites on you, they're paying a lot of attention to you and likely know what your lowest selling price is and will undercut you by either 1 gold or 1 copper. When you lower your threshold by this tiny amount you won't notice much of a change at all but will still be getting sales while ensuring that they get zero profit. The most effective way to deal with a camper is to make things not worth their while.

After a while they'll notice that their hours of time spent waiting on you haven't gotten them many extra sales. Then they'll either go back to casual posting or just posting at their normal times without the camping. At this point you have "won" and will continue to have a large stake in that particular market.

The other thing that I like to do is after I do my normal posting (as my competition eagerly awaits me) I always start with a cancel before I start to post just in case I over lapped with another seller at that moment. However once I am finished posting on all my different bankers I'll hop back on the first one I started to post on, usually my rare gem banker, and start another cycle of cancel/post.

This is because the campers will undercut you immediately after you log off and when you come back around a second time you catch them with loads of AH posting spam. They won't notice you sign on and since they're in the middle of posting they won't notice they're already undercut on that market.

The basic process looks like this:

-Log onto banker
-Collect sold and expired auctions
-Cancel any undercuts
-Collect mail
-Post auctions
-Log onto associated crafter
-Refresh stock of items to sell

-Repeat this for every banker you use
-Log onto original banker
-Collect mail
-Post auctions

The nice thing is that this only adds on a total of 5-10 minutes depending on how quickly you can log off from one character and on to another. The down side is that eventually they will catch on of course. If/when they do you can do one of two things. First you can just delay your second cancel/post cycle by 15 minutes so that you'll once again catch them in the middle of posting while you repost right under their nose. Sadly this will add a bit too much time for my liking. Also it's easy for somebody to think "well I'll just repost my stuff ONE last time." That usually leads to "one more time" turning into one plus 5 more times turning you into a camper yourself.

The other thing that you can do (which I prefer) is to just log onto your banker for a few seconds then log off them and go about your business doing other things. This will cause a flinch reaction in the typical camper, who usually isn't too bright to start, and they will immediately start to cancel post again. A few minutes later you show up and undercut while they're distracted once again. During this short lull in posting I take the time to do my scanning of the AH for cheap materials to purchase.

Eventually this posting time dance will get old and the camper will leave or stop camping. Either way you accomplished what you set out to do, get the basement dweller to stop staring at their friends list and fervently awaiting your log off messege. And the best part is that you do all this with no noticeable extra effort or time put forth while they spend a large amount of their time not doing anything but waiting. In other words you still get to have your fun and use your $15 a month while they sit there and stare.

Thanks for stopping by!

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