Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Ok I haven't done any AH giggles in a while and I couldn't come up with anything new to write today as I have been far too busy with work and other projects. So instead I give you a bunch of screen shots I've taken over the last few weeks (or months, I'm not sure) that may give you a few laughs or something to find interesting. As a side note I have not tried to sell the leveling kit and decided to just sell it off in pieces. It was taking up far too much room and I'm almost never around during a good time to sell it. So all that combined just made it not worth the time.

The profession was black smithing and it only took a week or so to collect everything. I can't comment on if it's worth it to you to try or not as I didn't even bother trying to sell it. But a few words of advice, make sure you have a good amount of spare game time during prime time to buy cheap mats and sell the kit along with an ass ton of storage space!

In any case, on with the show! Click on the description to see the whole thing.

A bunch of gem sales with the profit on each typed on top of the screen.

Screen of how many glyphs I have up on auction after collecting 180 sales from the mail.

What I saw in the middle of a buying spree for epic gems, leather and saronite. Scared me half to death!

When I say stokpile herbs and inks...

...I mean REALLY stok up!

Day to day tailoring sales.

My average morning when I log on my epic gem banker.

Selling epics is all fun and games until you look at the AH cut

More gem and leather sales.

I have no idea how to comment on this other than being polite can pay off from time to time. /shrug

More words of encouragement from my biggest fan on Ysera!

Ever wonder what an entire bank tab filled with saronite would look like? Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

The black smithing goods and accessories tab of my personal G bank. Tons of eternals, a weeks supply of rods and assorted bars.

Ok that's all that I got, hope you got a few giggles out of all that today.

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  1. What I like is the game telling you that you don't have enough money! I also notice you've got a banker in Area 52...
    Has anyone found the gold cap for guild banks yet?

  2. @ Dan
    Yes I do have a banker in area 52, or rather I used to. Very observant. I keep a toon in the netherstorm or have access to it via hearth to buy up vendor goodies like mini pets and enggy stuff or bombs. That banker used to have the job of vendor jumping until I remembered my mage can portal (amazing I know!) and set their hearth there instead of where I left off questing at 80. They're now sitting in thrallmar to smelt ore and buy up vendor bags.

    As for the cap for guild banks I have no idea, but would imagine it's 1g short of a million