Thursday, April 8, 2010


EDIT: See gevlon's post today about the recently announced cataclysm changes if you have ANY DOUBT that it is the retards, slackers, and social twits that run this game instead of Blizzard. I am now 100% certain that there is zero chance I'll be hanging around for more than a day after I hit a million. And that day cannot come here fast enough.

Starting today's post with a quote.

"The wise man therefore always holds in these matters to this principle of selection: he rejects pleasures to secure other greater pleasures, or else he endures pains to avoid worse pains."


The tl;dr: version of that is think ahead. If you go out drinking, sure you'll have a lot of fun but you'll be worse off the following morning more often than not. But If you completely ignore the taste of a fine wine through your entire life you're missing out on something that can be lovely. Now we apply this thinking to playing the AH. The shorter version is don't look for make a fast buck or sell one singular item for 9001 gold because you'll be worse off than if you tried to sell a ton of glyphs or buckles. Don't relentlessly pursue instant gratification! If you're patient you'll wind up making a lot more money than if you just sold off all your orbs for 15g when you KNOW that you can get 30 if you just wait a while.

Along these same lines is to maintain a proper reputation on your server. By this I mean thanking people when you buy something in person, responding to casual conversation with a friendly reply. And of course, always tip your local JC or enchanter if you don't have easy access normally.

When getting a service from a JC or enchanter, be sure to tip them at least 5g. Although I believe in the Mr. Pink philosophy on tipping (tipping automatically because of a socially imposed rule is retarded) it's generally very bad practice in a socially run world such as WoW. If you need this service many times and you don't leave a tip word will spread and you'll have a harder and harder time finding an enchanter. Sadly the large majority of people have no clue what a tip actually is and confuse it with a service fee. This is the problem with speaking American and not speaking English (ya see wut i did thar).

Also try to resist the urge to sell ammo in stacks of 100 or herbs in stacks of 2 for the price of a normal full stack. Sure you'll get some laughs in the present time and some quick cash, but you'll never be making money in that market ever again (and certainly lose that customer in other markets) once word gets out. And it will get out... fast. The idea is that you want return customers to consistently give you gold for your overpriced items.

My thoughts on if you sold something in a small stack for full price? Grats to you! If somebody is lazy and/or dumb enough to not look, they don't need their gold. If you buy a cut gem for 250g when the raw gem is up for 100 (very common) then you don't deserve your gold either! If somebody sends you 100g instead of a CoD mail priced at 100g keep it (unless they realize it soon after and say so). As you can tell, I do not empathize with the morons and slackers of WoW. At all.

Unfortunately if you do something "not cool" or "not friendly" well then you can easily wind up plain SoL when it comes to sales. There's a few people I know that farm materials I need constantly but raided with them before and they were the ones who stand in fire, get hit by Icehowl (god I hate that!), and other retarded things. So I will gladly pay an extra mark up in the HOPE that someone not so retarded will be getting my money and thus not waste it. And I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

However I am the only one who thinks about it logically and not "oh they're not coolfriendlyhelpfulletmeleechrunmethrurfcploxlolkk" type of thinking. And all of these fools have friends and they all buy your stuff. So play nice, let them think you're a socially acceptable digital entity while you line your pockets with their gold. The only thing that I don't apply this whole mentality towards is undercutting. Because it's very "not kool" to undercut a glyph by 50g. And many people will say oh that's so wrong 1 copper is enough! But when they need that glyph (rite nao!) all they'll see is a cheaper price and smile. That's because all these idiots are all out for themselves and nobody else when you get to the bottom of it. It's just another case of the rules only apply to them when they happen to suit their needs.

The short and narrow version of this whole post is to keep an honorable business to continue to reap the rewards of the social idiots that make Blizzard rich. Also that you should always be looking to the future and not trying for a fast sale just to make a quick buck.

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  1. Hi there, I have been following your blog only recently and I find it very inspirational. I am just wondering how you keep track of the gold you earn each week and profits? I like how you do your recaps in your report. I am using Auctionator at the moment.

  2. @ Jess
    Basically I do it the plain old type it out way. I only have certain bankers handling different markets so at the end of each week I see how much they have, minus the standard 1k I keep on them at all times and deposit the rest into my bank. As for the profits, it's as simple as This Week Gold - Last Week Gold = Profit.

    I'm sure there's an addon or part of auctioneer (beancounter) that does this automatically with millions of other stats. But I really only want to know IF I'm making profit. In other words, I just CBA to find out heh.

  3. Cool thanks heaps :) I think I will do the same as you as I'm interested to see in different markets. I currently have 1 bank alt but will sonn make 2 as I just started the glyph industry. I have to really agree with you and say it's so exciting to try a new market! I feel so rebellious lol

  4. I read Gevlon's post and he greatly exaggerates the problems with the upcoming expansion (and jumps to huge conclusions before beta has even started).

    For example, to state that DPS won't have to do anything because tanks will kill everything simply because Blizzard stated that Tanks DPS will scale better with the DPS classes' is hyperbole. There is currently a scaling problem, and they are trying to address it. This is a problem?

    Also, the whole Life Grip issue. DPS will complain they weren't gripped out of fire? They do that today, except with regular healing spells. What is different?

    Making mana-management for healers matter again is not breaking the game. My main is a Disc priest, and there are no fights where I run out of mana before the enrage timer (if it comes to that). I can spam to my heart's content. I think having to worry about your mana is a good thing. It adds an element of skill to the healing game.