Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Report 4-6

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first. Also at the request of a reader I'll be including my total weekly profit as well. But keep in mind that it's total OVERALL profit, not per market or banker like I did before. Just to give an idea of how much you can be making weekly if you have your fingers in every market you can.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 64,000

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 29,000

Smithing and enchanting: 52,000

Glyphs: 12,000

Total weekly sales: 157,000
Total gold: 683,000
Total weekly profit: 37,000

Quite a large number in sales isn't it? Shame I didn't make an equally impressive profit. That's because I've been on another of my buying sprees over the weekend, and I've been buying loads and loads. So the mass spending did a number on my weekly profit which I expect to make back once servers come back up. Hand I not spent 6k on Haris Pilton bags, 6k on extra saronite and another 3k on leather things would look much more impressive. Here's to hoping I can move it all in a week.

Detailed Recap

EDIT: The leveling kit is now 100% complete and will begin to try selling it once servers come back up this evening. I'll be using the guild bank method as the annoyance of somebody having a change of heart and returning the whole thing in the mail would be a pain in the ass to handle. Again, I'll give details once it sells or fails.

Small update on the leveling kit. All old world mats have been collected and cataloged. Now I just need something like 800 northrend mats, half of which I'm using daily and having a hard time finding good prices on the rest.

As I mentioned in my random thoughts post yesterday, LW is back with a vengeance! I've been selling so many leg armors I'm damned near out of frozen orbs. And considering I had stockpiled over 300 before the patch... damn! In addition to that, I've raised my threshold and buying prices to match the demand for profession bags which are still up there selling for 95g a crack. I also dropped 3k+ on leathers so I now have a very nice stock of furs and heavy leather along with everything it makes. Since it's rare that these leather farmers crop up I'm buying an ass ton, possibly even a metric ass ton, while the getting is good.

Glyphs have been steady at the 1k+ per day range. I'm finally selling a bunch of my snowfall inks (thank ya darkmoon faire) and decided to try selling rune scrolls of fortitude. Much to my surprise they're selling now. I tried to make a few before and they were under material cost by a dozen different people for about a month so I never bothered with then. But now I'm making a nice 15g profit on each craft. The inks I value at 8g and the parchment at 2g for a nice number to work with.

So far I've sold a dozen 5 stacks for 20g a piece or a 100g total sale. That means that my snowfalls are effectively worth a lot more. Very cool. I've also had to raise my buying price on herbs a tad because of the recent shortages and increased demand for glyphs. But with the increase of sales and use of snowfalls, I'm not too concerned. This is probably because of the price of frost lotus being nearly nothing the herb farmers have moved on to saronite and leather. Which would also explain the increased supply and lack of herbs.

Buckles are still flying off the shelves faster than I can handle. I am now totally out of saronite even after buying 2,000 bars less than a week ago. This is partly because I used a bunch to xmute into titanium (and thus titansteel) since the prices went back up to the normal 120g per bar. It's a decent profit for sure, but since I have such a huge demand for saronite elsewhere it's a secondary market for me currently. If I come into a huge supply of saronite I'll be making this instead of just selling titanium bars.

I have sold another titanium razor plate, which needs 10 titansteel bars to make along with half a stack of saronite, for another 1k profit on it. From now on I'll be sure to keep one of these in stock at all times and may end up buying other patterns. Still undecided on which ones I'd buy, most likely tanking bracers as they're hard to come by and can't be replaced or upgraded with emblems or trophys. Aside from the crafted tanking bracers the only other option for a purple that's boe is the ones from valor emblems which nobody would be caught dead wearing because it's "only" i213 and thus not worth anything.

Rare gems have started to pick up again. A while ago I bought over 50 cut gems at my normal buying price and have slowly been pecking away at that huge back stock. It's a great feeling buying 30 brilliant autumn's glow for 8g and reselling them a week later for 45g each. Meta gems though are being camped something fierce so I took them down to material cost. Since I'm xmute spec and tend to proc a lot on meta gems (but NEVER epics dammit!) I'll still be making some profit technically.

Epic gems are finally running out, I'm down to under a stack of ametrines and mostly sold out of the rest. Just a week ago I had 4 stacks of orange epics and have since sold them all for 10-150 gold profit. Vendor pets have slowed down to a halt so much that only the lovely enggy pets are selling with any degree of success. Good thing I'm still getting 150g each for them.

I've been spending money like crazy since the farmers popped back into the game. 3k on saronite, another 3k on leather and two portable holes for my enchanter who desperately needed them. I mean seriously, with a full stock of scrolls ready to post, buckles, rods, and a ton of assorted enchanting mats I had 4 bag spots open. FOUR! And this is with 3x 20 spots and a 22 plus the crappy back pack.

In any case, I'm once again very much looking forward to next week so I get to see just how much of this massive stock I can move in a weeks time.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog as I am a new comer into the AH game although I am a first day player. I decided I needed a new challenge and this is it. You always have informative posts that help me out a ton please keep up the good work.

  2. @ Anon
    Thank you very much for your support! If you're just starting out remember it's very important to be patient, you won't hit the cap in a few weeks after you start.

    Once you start working into other markets is when the real fun begins.