Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Report 4-13

It's that time again, resets, crashes, bugs, and reports. Today is the day where I provide you with some nice reading material while angrily awaiting blizz to get servers back up. As usual, numbers and bottom lines come first.

Income per banker
Epic gems, rare orange gems, vendor pets: 67,000

Rare gems, meta gems, LW, misc: 36,000

Smithing and enchanting: 57,000

Glyphs: 7,000

Total weekly sales: 167,000
Total gold: 764,000
Weekly profit: 80,000

About 80k profit in a single week. Just goes to show how much more you can make when you add in another whole market into the mix. With the influx of cheap leathers I've been able to re-enter that market with a reckoning!

Detailed Recap
Have I mentioned before how much I love leather working? I love leather working. I loves it goood! As of Sunday, I had sold all the heavy and everything it's been used on that I had purchased. And just last night I even managed to buy another few thousand of it! Now I get to start the LW profit cycles all over again /happy face! Leg armors are selling very well which is a great relief as I was still worried about them dropping to material cost and under again. But so far when the prices have gone low it's only been because of me undercutting a camper or three by 15g every post.

The same things goes with spellthreads as they're being camped by the same person, but aside from that the leg enchants are a solid 200g sale every day all day. Heavy armor kits however haven't been selling as much as I remember.

The profession bags are still solid sales so you should look into a few of those if you haven't already. By LW profession bags I mean mammoth mining bags and trapper's traveling pack, which both require 8 heavy borean each. I'm not going to bother with the rare quality leg armors (or rare spellthreads for that matter) as the sales are slow and the profit margins are tiny.

Tailoring is still great income from spellweave sales and spellthreads as I mentioned earlier. I highly recommend you try out crafting a fist full of specialty cloth for whichever spec you are. If you don't have a tailoring spec, you can get the quest from Lower City in Shatt that's very easy to do. If you decide to change it later on, that will cost you 170g I believe. I've also taken to selling the gem bags from TBC regularly. They sell slowly but have a good 100g+ return on their investments and have no competition at all. I'll be making another glacial bag once my CD comes off just to see if I can sell it for a good profit and not the tiny amount I got from the first one. I still don't think it's worth it unless you're mooncloth specced, but hey I could be wrong. And of course, netherweave bags still sell faster than you can craft them and I do mean that literally.

Meta gems and assorted rare gems have picked back up finally. But the green and orange gems have been taking a nose dive for sometime so I'll be cutting down on what I cut by a lot (ya see wut I did thar?). I'll only be making another JC post later on this week to cover all that. Basically even if I sell a forest emerald for 30g I'm only making a handful of gold as profit due to the several days of lost money spent on deposit costs at 50s per 12hour post. The same thing goes for dodge and parry red gems. Even with an 80g sale I likely only ACTUALLY made a 10g profit at best. In other words it just isn't worth the extra post/craft time and bag space for them.

Epic gems. It seems that almost everybody has their WG weekly quests resetting on Friday as for the last few weeks that's been the day where prices on epics have dropped across the board. I took that time to buy up another 3 stacks of ametrines, a stack of majestics, and a fist full of the rest. With prices having a liking to pick back up at the start of the week I'll be in the money. A good AH player always plans ahead when making an investment.

For glyphs I've dropped my max price to a tiny 7g each. Every time I do a cancel/post I have 900+ glyphs undercut so that means there's real competition. Well, that means time to make it not worth their while! I still managed to make a good amount over the course of the week even with that price. Though in all honesty I'm amazed that I made as much income off them as I have this week.

Enchanting has been on another roller coaster of material supply and droughts. It seems I am able to acquire just barely enough crystals and cosmics to refresh my stock of scrolls and then start selling a bunch of them right away. Then I'm back to having almost no materials and watching my stock dwindle. This is getting a bit annoying in all honesty. Regardless the enchanting market is still pretty fun to me for some reason I cannot explain, but I like it and have more fun with it than the rest.

This is probably because it's so new to be making money with the profession. I'm sure anybody that was an enchanter in TBC knows you were lucky if you could even get into buying stuff to DE and make money. Back then enchanting was a service profession and basically a gold sink if you ask me. All you could really do then was do unfinished quests for green rewards and sell the DE mats to make money with it. But when vellums were introduced it opened up so many new ways to exploit the lazy. Granted it took a while to catch on and sales to pick up (I still meet people that have no idea how to enchant a vellum!) but it's definitely a proper market now.

The power miners have been out in force all of this week. I'm up to over 3,000 saronite bars! My plans for it are to turn a ton into titansteel and sell off some of the plain saronite and titanium bars for a nice mark up. Oddly enough all eternals have been in rather short supply (namely earth due to a spike in dust prices) so the titansteel might have to wait a tad so I can refill my supply of buckles. This is very strange as when the power miners are out in force eternal prices plummet, but they're still in short supply. Maybe I just haven't seen them on AH, who knows. Regardless it sure is nice to have such a huge amount of saronite since so many markets require a ton of the stuff.

In the mean time my to do list consists of stocking back up on orbs and praying for an influx of enchanting materials so I don't have to scavenge for crystals or cosmics. And should eternals come back up in supply I'll be able to start working my way into a few other markets as well to help my profits along a bit. I also need to start signing on during prime time and start trying to sell this leveling kit, the space it takes up is killing me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I would be very interested in seeing your breakdown in jewel crafting like you did enchanting. I mimicked this and it has been successful for me. Keep up the good work.