Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From the ground up

The empire of Rome sure wasn't built in a day. Neither was the empire of Stokpile the well dressed and lover of all things shiny. Something a lot of accomplished auctioneers have considered doing has been to make an alt on an entirely different server and see how much gold they could acquire when starting with no professions or support. You might remember a few talking about it and even Gevlon did so and succeeded quite well. So as you may have guessed by now, I'm going to do the same. I've started an alt on the alliance side of the server my primary enterprise is on. I could make one on a different server, but that would do nothing really, different faction is the same as far as starting with nothing.

Though I'll be honest and say I am receiving some help: BoA gear. It does nothing but make the leveling process smoother and less painful than it's going to be without any gold. Using BoA gear doesn't effect anything relating to making money unless I was dead set on farming mobs endlessly for some cash which I'm sure you can imagine I am not. All it does is take away the absolute migraine that will be caused by leveling without even a set of bags with more than 6 slot. I will be attempting to use my professions and dubious AH skills to make a sizable amount of gold alliance side with only a single character.

Something worth noting is that I won't be abandoning my primary markets during this time, but once I hit a million I'll definitely be slowing down quite a lot. Since I'll probably be hitting a million gold before I hit level 80 on my priest, know what that means? I'll be sticking around a bit longer to keep this blog up and running. So the tentative plan is that Once I hit 80 on my priest and hit lets say 50k gold or have a large stake in two different markets is when I'll be closing up shop for good. I think that if you read my blog and see the business reports that you can VERY safely assume that with a good portion of two different markets I'll hit the gold cap. Yes these are rather lofty ideas and quite long term, but none the less they are possible. After all, it's the journey that matters the most and not the destination.

The Class.
I chose a priest as the class to level (Dranei) and will be leveling as Disc. I chose a priest because I already have the BoA gear enchanted for a caster and I always wanted to play a priest. Also a priest gives you all the tools you could ask for to make leveling easy. You got shields, heal buttons, dots & hots, reflective damage, you even get a aoe damage/healing combo spell, debuff cleansing, the works! As an added bonus the Dranei racials gives you 1% hit which is spectacular for leveling a caster and an extra hot with no cost. Some nice little perks. Also it's easy to get a load of spirit/int gear while leveling up to keep you up to speed with throughput and longevity since PW: Fort takes care of the lack of stamina. And as disc spec if I get so inclined, I can heal a random regular instance which will end badly. I have never done an old world instance on the level nor have I healed. Heh.

The Professions.
I'll be leveling inscription and herbalism as my first professions. Yes I'm once again starting the massive undertaking of taming the wild monster that is the glyph market. And herbalism because I have no financial backing to buy the herbs, I'll have to pick them up as I go. In fact I might end up having to spend time actually farming the herbs depending on skill ups. Once I have inscription maxed out I won't have a need to farm herbs any more, but I'll be keeping the profession until I hit 80. Gotta have a gathering prof while leveling after all. Once I reach 80 I'll be dropping herbalism for enchanting. I know that's thinking quite a bit ahead, but there ya go.

The Plan.
I'm not entirely sure what a reasonable goal would be. I know you can get epic flying and such by the time you're 80 just from quests and not wasting money. I think maybe 5k by the time I hit outlands is a good number. If not I'm sure I'll have a decent amount by then even by starting with not a single copper coin. But the whole idea behind this is just to show once again that you don't have to be lucky or spend hours mindlessly farming to get a large amount of gold. Plain and simple you just need to keep an eye on your money, markets, and not be wasteful. In fact the only reason this toon will be getting epic flying is just to prove that you can get it while leveling.

Every week I'll be making a post over the weekend about this project which will be in the form of a journal entry. I'll give updates on my level, gold total, profession status, and all of my thoughts and feelings about the trip to 80. This project won't be about giving you new tips, awesome ideas and niche markets. No it is just to prove once more than it can be done. They'll be rather long I'm guessing since they're covering a lot of time and game play, but if nothing else I'm sure it'll make for a very interesting read about my journeys, struggles and hurdles that I have to overcome in order to make it in a world without help and without charity. Not me, I'll be taking an MMO and turning it into my own single player economic survival game. Or something.

Now if only there were zombies...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. People know to leave the alt parked in towns/citys to get the rested bonus. What I do is park them by the AH to get the rested bonus, and quickly log on them once a day even if not leveling them.

    A quick scan and flick through the few bits you can easily afford can make some easy money. Yes we'd often ignore deals that take a few mins and only make 50s profit but when your low level that is a lot of money. I've found the very low level gems are usually easy money makers.

  2. Hi first have to say big fan of the site I've learned a lot since I started reading. I have a interesting situation on my server I and another are major players in the inscription market. I am or was second largest supplier. For over 2 weeks now the herb prices has sky rocketed so high by this 1 supplier that its forcing me out of the market slowly. I only recently noticed that my competition isn't having the same problem as me. My conclusion is my competition is also the major supplier of north herbs. Any advice and regaining my hold on the market? Also the server seems to be void of farmers.

  3. I am leveling a toon on a separate server, so he does not have any help from my lvl 80 mains.

    It is the first toon that I have alchemy on, and it just hit lvl 53 some days ago.

    First, I must say that when disenchanting greens is not always an option - it turns out that greens sell very fast for quite a profit. 10-12g for some lvl 20-40 green item is not uncommon.

    And I was pleasantly surprised by Alchemy Transmutations. Flipping thorium bars to arcanite bars (unlimited amount while arcane crystals last in the ah) is a 200% profit game on the server I'm playing.

    Transmuting mithril to truesilver is very lucrative as well, even though it has a 20h cooldown.