Wednesday, April 14, 2010

JC redux

Well the market for gems has changed enough on my end that it's worth a post on it since many are likely experiencing the same thing. First here's a link to my previous post on how I work JC. The main reason for this post is that I've removed a bunch of gems from my normal crafting. With the expansion mostly over, as in no more tiered raid instances, there is less gear coming out which means less of a demand for gems. However once the ICC buff gets to a certain level, all the people that couldn't get passed saurfang will now be clearing several wings a week.

This will create another small demand increase along with the new raid coming out under wyrmrest temple. But after that gem demand will go down considerably. Supply of all gems seems to be about the same with prices gradually decreasing each week. Once again, this is because the expansion is ending and people are still farming. So my general plan is to stock up on a good number of gems, wait for the new raid to come out and make another killing from gem sales a bit after wards. Once that demand spike calms down, I'll be slowly selling off my whole stock of gems and mostly be leaving the market.

That's because with demand getting lower and lower so will the profits and it will be a big pain to keep up with major price shifts to keep a stockpile. So instead of just piling up raw gems, I'll be buying and cutting what I happen to find a good deal on, rather than hunting down average priced gems to sell for above average cuts.

Ok here's my updated list of worthwhile gems and ones I just don't make anymore. For the most part, my general system for JC hasn't changed at all, but the ones I make has definitely changed a good bit.

Forest emeralds - I only craft vivid, jagged, enduring, and steady. The rest I am ignoring as they sell far too slow and, with the numerous deposit costs, I only end up with a few gold profit. Even with no competition the small profit margins have become too small to be worthwhile.

Eye of zul - I have completely stopped buying these unless I can get them for 80g. The average buy and sell price is about 100-115g. After a few days of deposit costs you probably aren't making much money.

I'm still making the same gems mostly, but no longer making any dodge/parry gems. Also, there's been a huge flood of 32ap gems which I used to flip regularly, but it has been going on for over two weeks. So I won't be bothering to flip those unless I notice there's only a few on AH.

Still the same, mp5, stam, spell pen both rare and epic.

Monarchs - The only ones of these that I am crafting now are etched, inscribed, potent, reckless, luminous, veiled, durable, stalwart. Again this is due to massive flooding below material cost from dozens of people causing me to relist many times making it not profitable.

Ametrines - I will be crafting the same epic orange gems as rares unless I notice a short supply of certain ones. In which case I'll cut a pair and try to sell them for a good profit.

I'm still crafting all except tenuous/infused of both rare and epic versions. Popular color when people don't know what a nightmare tear is to fill the blue gem requirement for their meta or if you're running an armor pen based gear set.

I've stopped crafting rare intellect gems for the time being, but not permanently. For a long time I was buying them up for 7g and occasionally selling them for 40g so I kept at it, but now I've bought far more than I can move. So if you're in the same boat, keep an eye on supply of these gems as there is still a large demand for them. As for the rest and epics I'm still crafting the standard ones of crit, haste, resilience, defense, and int (epic).

These gems also have been completely untouched as their sales are still steady and highly profitable. Of all the ones you can make, I'm crafting the following still: austere, relentless, chaotic, beaming, bracing, insightful, ember, forlorn.

Nightmare tears:
These are in the same category as an eye of zul. If I can get the dragon eye super cheap (80g ish) sure I'll buy and craft some, but otherwise just isn't worth it anymore. The sale price for this gem is usually around 115-125g with the materials being worth around 100g as well. And once again with the deposit cost on unsold auctions makes this not a very viable market. But if you can get them for far blow market price then of course the odds tip in your favor.

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to post a quick thanks :) I really enjoy your posts and find that stockpile is the one I look for first on my feeds each morning! Thanks for taking the time to share your journey! Kellrazor.

  2. @ Fshn

    Thanks for reading! I just hope you learned something to make yourself a bit of extra change and not have to farm anymore.

  3. Of all the various blogs and pages devoted to making gold in WoW/hitting the cap I have to admit yours is my favorite. I believe it to be a combination of the straight to the point useful information you provide as well as your writing style and voice that are just really easy and enjoyable to read.

    If you don't mind I do have a question for you. I'm relatively new to the amassing large amounts of gold game. I've been a casual player of the auction house for a long while but recently playing the auction house and assuming the role of a merchant has been much more of a fun and challenging game than raiding and pvp!

    Anyways I was hoping for your opinion. I've been working inscription, LW, and enchanting markets for awhile now and I feel like I have my head wrapped around them pretty well. I've been debating about entering the JC market as I know there is a lot of gold to made there however I'm somewhat hesitant as we are entering the waning hours of this expansion.

    I do have a 450 JCer with a couple of the more popular epic cuts: Delicate,Runed,Bold Ruby, and Sold Majestic. I've done OK with selling these cuts, however as they are very popular there is also insane amounts of competition. I know in order to be more successful I need to diversify what I can cut whether its popular rare or epic gems but the debate I'm having in my head is simply whether it's worth it this late in the game or not.

    Anyways, any thoughts would be much appreciated. Looking forward to reading more and hoping you hang around even with you hit your 1 million....


  4. FYI, Nightmare Tears have no deposit cost, so in the same vein as enchanting scrolls, you lose nothing by reposting. And they always sell.