Friday, April 16, 2010


Sometimes education can be a great business opportunity. Since your standard AH player makes the bulk of their income from the M&S and other assorted retards, you may wonder why you should enlighten them on how to play. This is because a lot of people have the potential to play well, but for their own reasons haven't spent the time learning. You can take me for example. I wasn't always a great tank, I wasn't always able to do max dps with my gear or even able to make more than a few hundred gold a day outside of farming. What happened? As far as I knew, farming was the only way to make money since so many other games are like that. I continued like this until I was informed otherwise.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only person in wow like this with a similar story. I wouldn't be surprised if it's your story as well. Helplessly grinding away because you didn't think it was possible for it to be different for whatever reason. But here you are, educating yourself, making far more (I hope at least) than you were before. And guess what? People with a story like us are good candidates to make a profit from!

On average a black magic scroll sells for far more than any other wotlk SP enchant, but a while ago you couldn't even give them away.

What about the many mages and other caster specs that love haste? A while ago the enchant black magic was changed to proc haste making it the best enchant and, depending on gear and other factors, could even surpass 81 SP to a staff. But many didn't know about this and kept buying spellpower enchants. It's completely natural to think that black magic, along with many other enchants, are completely useless and will remain that way so why bother looking into it every patch?

This is until they were educated. Until they were informed that things might not be as they think they are. The average person with a bit of curiosity looked it up on EJ and said 'wow this actually IS better!' And since dps love to do more dps, so long as it doesn't take huge extra effort, will spend the money to change the enchant. And of course, you will always be there to provide them with the needed service.

Sure not every player is like this and of course many already knew about the enchant change in advance from daily reading, but there is still a large group that doesn't. A group that needs only to be informed of a change and it's value to change their thinking.

You can apply this same thinking to glyphs, gems, any gear based enhancement product. Are you into pvp but have trouble staying alive as a priest? Try my fancy new earthen leg armor! It's loaded up with stamina and resilience to keep you alive just long enough to heal up and vanquish your enemies, rawr! Or what about my mystic king's amber gems? They sure do the job because if you're dead you're not going to heal anybody. Are you a mutilate spec rogue? Well did you know that ap/haste gems are better than agil/crit gems for yellow sockets? Well now, I happen to have many for sale and I got the best deals anywhere. Do the same with glyphs even for specs that get changed in a patch.

Hell if you want to be devious you can even lie so they'll buy the wrong item, then find out it's terrible, then buy a replacement from you all over again. Naturally I don't recommend this, but hey, it's an option. And educating you on all your options is what I'm here for (and what this whole post is about) after all right?

What can you take away from this post to put some extra gold in your pockets? The next time you see somebody discussing what's best for what in regards to something you sell, let them know. You don't have to spell it out (or even reply to a pm), just tell them what's what and where to find out for themselves. I've sold many 22 int enchants for boa weapons by just saying that "sure 30sp will make things die faster, but you'll spend so much more time drinking and using pots on CD that it's not worth it. And guess who happens to be the sole supplier of these enchants? Yours truly of course. And guess what sells for more, 30sp or 22int? Right again my friend, 22int sells for about 100g more on your average day.

It's not your place to decide if something is worth the price or not, after all you're not the customer in this case. Just let people know what is the best and allow them to decide if it's worth it or not. Your job is only to inform people of their options and to sell said options to them. And as an added benefit, you'll be doing your part in helping my random heroics be mildly less painful and just might not run into any more resto shammy's wearing a mirror of truth or needle encrusted scorpion... BECAUSE CRIT HALPS MAH HEALZ SPELL! I wish I was lying, but trust me. It's happened more than I want to admit.

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